Logarithmic Equibalance Distribution (Eqbl) magnitude of earthquakes

Logarithmic Equibalance Distribution (Eqbl) in the evaluation
of frequency distributions of magnitude of earthquakes using
the example of some Italian provinces

Marcus Hellwig, September 2018




A new probability distribution closely linked to generalized distributions should be introduced. Obviously as previously possible, this one is better suited for the assessment of frequency distributions and their probability densities. The properties of these distributions are examined.


The family of logarithmic distributions, in particular the logarithmic normal distribution (logNV), is well known. It is a variant of the normal distribution (NV), also known as Gaussian distribution. These distributions are fairly well studied by their probability densityfunctions and their properties. In particular, the NV distributions are infinitely divisibl]. Compounds of Eqbl with other distributions are given in. One of several interesting applications of Eqbl Distributions is the field of geophysics, especially earthquake research

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